AN21 System

AN21 System

What is the AN21 System?

The AN21 System is a cleaning system we developed with the aim of "eliminating odors," "eliminating detergents," and "eliminating waste water." Because the cleaning water used is alkaline ionized water and weakly acidic water which originate in nature, you can use them safely and with peace of mind. It has been introduced at shopping malls, convenience stores, hospitals, companies, factories and more.

Alion 21
A cleaning water for which the cleaning power of "alkaline ionized water," which has no adverse effects on the body, has been enhanced.
Floors; glass; mirrors; metal parts; sanitary ware; washbasins; tiled walls; handrails; wooden parts; toilets; entrance halls; stairs; escalators; elevators; lobbies; halls; guest rooms; etc.

A weakly acidic water that is ideal for toilet hygiene management. It is kinder to "people, things and the environment" than the toilet detergents that are generally used.
Yellowing/odors in toilets; toilet floors; deodorizing/sterilizing toilet rooms; etc.

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Advantages of Alion 21

1. Safety/Hygiene

Alion 21 is a product that was originally developed for food processing. The pH is a high 12, but as it is not a chemical substance but rather water with alkalinity, it can be used with peace of mind. It has cleared various toxicity, irritation and hygiene tests*.

* Acute oral toxicity tests using mice; primary skin irritation tests using rabbits; human primary skin irritation tests using patch tests; tests of antibacterial properties toward methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Salmonella, Serratia, Legionella, etc.; mold resistance tests; etc.

2. Cleaning, sterilizing and deodorizing effects
Cleaning effects

In Alion 21, the clusters (molecule groups) of alkaline ionized water are small, so it is easy for them to get into gaps in the dirt, envelop the dirt and remove it (surfactant effect). Furthermore, the trace amounts of minerals contained in Alion 21 mean that after cleaning, an ultra-thin membrane coat is formed on the surface, which prevents static electricity and suppresses the re-adhesion of dust.

* The pictures are representations only.

Sterilizing/deodorizing effects

Alion 21 is alkaline with a pH of 10.5 or more, so it can suppress the multiplication of bacteria. In addition to this alkalinity, the large amounts of negative ions contained in Alion 21 break down proteins and separate out lipids, yielding deodorizing and sterilizing effects.

3. Ease of use

Alion 21 has none of the tackiness of detergents, so there is no need to wipe twice to get a finish as you do with detergents. Depending on the use, it can be diluted about 10 to 20 times with tap water.

4. Durability of cleaning effects

Alion 21 differs significantly from general conventional alkaline ionized water in that it can demonstrate its effectiveness and properties over the long term by controlling the transfer of substances by means of a barrier membrane*.

* In electrolysis, a porous wall of asbestos, etc. is placed between the two electrodes in order to prevent the reaction products at the two electrodes from mixing and participating in side reactions.

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Method of Use

Transfer Alion 21 or Alfresh from the tank to a sprayer (depending on the use, diluting about 10 to 20 times with tap water), apply it to the location of the dirt, then wipe it off. There is no need to wipe twice or rinse.

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Examples of Use

(1) Automatic floor cleaner

Spray on appropriately diluted Alion 21 and clean, then pour Alion 21 into an automatic floor cleaner and clean to finish.

(2) Glass / Window sashes

(3) Furniture/fixtures (Garbage cans, etc.)

(4) Floor surfaces

(5) Escalator/staircase handrails

(6) Around washbasins / Mirrors

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