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Development of Floor Care Systems

By way of floor care systems, we offer a "Water Coat System" and a "Floor Care System Using Diamond Pads."

What is the Water Coat System?


Using water coat water for the cleaning water in an automatic floor cleaner gives good cleaning effects, and an effect whereby the floor will retain its appearance and not get dirty easily.

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Advantages of the Water Coat System

1. Reduced frequency of cleaning work

You can reduce the frequency of periodic floor cleaning with a polisher and wax application finishing work. Also, it is possible to do cleaning work three days a week using just an automatic floor cleaner with water coat water, and with no buffing

2. Improved appearance

Compared to a floor cleaned with conventional pure water, there is less darkening and the floor as a whole looks brighter and sharper. Lighting produces a favorable glare, and is clearly reflected in the floor.

3. Suppression of dirt

It is more difficult for dirt to adhere to the floor than with conventional pure water cleaning, and the floor retains a high luster value over the long term.

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Work Flow for the Water Coat System

Carry out daily cleaning work with an automatic floor cleaner using water coat water.

  • Fill the automatic floor cleaner tank with coat water using the coat water generation apparatus.

  • Carry out coat water cleaning with the automatic floor cleaner, and form a glass film on the waxed floor.

  • Restore the waxed floor's luster by means of further buffing*.

* Polishing a floor to give it luster.

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What is the Floor Care System Using Diamond Pads?

This is a system in which a floor surface is cleaned using a polisher or automatic floor cleaner which has been fitted with a cleaning pad made from a material which contains diamond particles. In this way, you can repair damage to the floor surface and at the same time restore its luster.
In contrast to a conventional pad, a diamond pad has fine artificial diamond incorporated into the floor pad fibers, which means it removes dirt while polishing the wax layer.

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Advantages of Diamond Pads

1. Improved appearance

When the floor is cleaned using a polisher or automatic floor cleaner, polishing effects appear at the same time, and even if a multiple layers of wax film are not formed (even if only a few coats are applied), the floor's appearance will improve. It is also a system of operation by which you can manage highly lustrous floors, by giving them a buffing finish (polished finish) using diamond pads.

2. Reduced frequency of cleaning work

You can reduce the frequency of cleaning and wax application finishing work. You can also reduce the frequency of periodic strip cleaning. Consequently, you can dramatically reduce the discharge of waste water associated with cleaning and stripping, so you can certainly call this a system of operation that is kind to the environment.

Example of use Wax floor Restoration of luster

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